WSP Episode XIX – Christmas Beef

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What a year. Guardians of the Galaxy, the Sony hack, Jennifer Lawrence nudes, a whole bunch of other stuff- 2014 was a crazy time to be alive. I think there were even a few new video games released. If you’re having trouble remembering just what went down this past year, why don’t you get comfortable and give our new podcast a listen?

From things we can’t stand about Christmas, to the Best of the Best of 2014, Mike and I talk about our favorite (and least favorite) things about the past year. Let us know in the comments if we missed anything (we were drunk when recording this, so we definitely did)!

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2 Responses to WSP Episode XIX – Christmas Beef

  1. Kalapia says:

    Kid Rock 12 days of Christmas! And he sounds so enthusiastic about singing it too. And Dukes of Hazzard wannabees “wamp wamp wamp” – everytime I see country bumpkins it reminds me of “the hills have eyes”, creepy as hell.
    And Mike has such a tiny voice to belch like that haha, it cracks me up, I keep thinking that came outta him?! Gruff Gruff manly! Should be the catch phrase of the show.

    Great show guys, love listening, and happy new years.

    • Viktor C says:

      I think you got the Mike’s confused, it’s the other Mike who’s doing it which is why it sounds like that.

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