American Horror Story S4E5

I’m going to do something different for this week’s episode. Doing a live blog/Morning After post is pretty difficult because I can’t pay much attention to the actual episode while I’m writing, and I REALLY want to be able to pay attention to this season, especially after last week when shit popped OFF!

This week’s post is going to be me posing and answering some questions- we’ll see how it goes.

What the hell is up with Emma Roberts and O’Hare? Are they father and daughter, or just a team of con artists?

Why the FUCK did Dandy just admit to killing the maid? It was totally unprovoked- why wouldn’t he just play dumb? He seems really dimwitted anyways, I can see him getting caught by the end of the season…or maybe killed when someone finds out what he’s been up to? I don’t see why he would tell his mother here- he is a spoiled brat but their relationship doesn’t seem like he would find it necessary to tell her anything about the murder of the maid.

When will Elsa catch on to O’Hare’s scam? He can claim to be from Hollywood for awhile, but I really don’t see his Hollywood TV Producer sham going very far- Elsa seems like a smart lady, or at least clever enough where she won’t let him pull the wool over her eyes for too long. Is he going to face carnival justice?

How are the writers going to keep Kathy Bates’ character going? She basically had her death warrant signed by the doctor- was he just fucking with her? I can’t imagine he was, so what’s going to happen if she keeps drinking?

Why does Tate keep trying to fuck everyone? And what’s going on with the hermaphrodite? What’s up with all that blood? What’s bleeding the, uh…the ding do- ah never mind.

With Elsa’s terrible showing, O’Hare might have a stronger foothold on her than we thought. This could just be a ploy by the writers to make her character seem more desperate to escape to Hollywood.

Dandy’s mother sort of hinted that his father/her husband was…what? A killer? Her cousin? How did he die?

HOLY SHIT O’HARE KILLED THE TWO-HEADED WOMAN!? Nope…damn. This was a super misleading scene, but good job to AHS for fooling me there. That was very intense. Although I think it’s still too early in the season for me to have any feelings one way or the other regarding if the sisters live or die, you know?

What the hell is Dandy babbling about and why the fuck is he suddenly at a gay strip club? No, not just ANY gay strip club- he’s at a 1950’s SOUTHERN gay strip club. Fucking NO WAY. AND WHY IS THE STRONGMAN THERE? And WHY is he freaking out about another dude/prostitute? Oh…because he loves him apparently.

Is Dandy going to kill the Strongman’s gay lover? If it’s only $20 to take him home, I think Dandy has more than enough money to do that.

IS ELSA PLOTTING THE DEATH/MURDER OF THE TWINS? Nope, she’s just going to…what? Sell them to the rich lady?

Alright, that’s it for this week. What did we learn today? Mostly that our boy Dandy, who has already proved he’s a killer (albeit kind of a shitty one), sort of proved me wrong here in two different ways. “What ways?” you might ask. Well, one, he doesn’t seem all that dumb anymore- he had a plan to find someone to kill, so he went to a bar and found a prostitute, someone he thought no one would miss (mistake, the Strongman is going to lose his SHIT when he finds out that dude has disappeared- I can see someone at the bar ratting Dandy out, too, but we’ll see…), and on top of that, he had a pretty good plan to kill him and get rid of the body. Second, he was pretty damn brutal about the way he killed the prostitute- there was no real fear or hesitation this time around. He stabbed him a TON of times and then the scene turned sort of comedic when Dandy just couldn’t believe the guy wasn’t dead. That shit was crazy.

See ya next week!

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