American Horror Story S4E4

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It’s Halloween part two and shit is still fucky at the Freak Show, y’all.

I’m going to do a shortened down version of my “Morning After American Horror Story” post, because I don’t know about you guys, but I got WASTED at my National Cat Day party that I threw all alone with a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Just kidding, I just got back from a hockey game and I’m really excited to play some more Sunset Overdrive (if you haven’t played it yet, it’s fantastic) and LET’S MAKE THIS QUICK, FX!

Edward Mordrake is still on his quest to take a freak back to Hell with him. The freaks all tell him their stories of sorrow- No-Leg-Lady friggin stabbed a dudes leg and he died. Tattoo-Baby-Arms guy (sorry, I still don’t know any names) could never be normal so he “gave them a monster” by inking up his entire body. Elsa offers Mordrake a job(?) and her bribery just enrages him- she doesn’t really want to admit that she’s a freak like the rest of them and Mordrake persuades her (he makes her hallucinate that dead freaks are tearing her prosthetic legs off) to tell him about “her darkest hour”.

Tate and Emma Roberts ran out of gas on the road back to the circus- insert a big bonding scene here where the two of them learn a lot about each other. JUST KIDDING! God damn Twisty the Clown lets one of his prisoners escape and Tate and the girl witness him tackling the fuck out of her on a dirt road. Brutal. Tate is going to try and help her out or something, but we saw what happened the last time he got a bright idea (reminder: Meep is in a shallow grave).

Cut to an insane scene of Elsa in a GOTT DAMN German Sex Dungeon. Women pissing into coffee mugs, a pregnant lady doing some weird sex stuff, Elsa making a German solider walk like a dog and sit on a toilet seat with NAILS ON IT. This scene was pretty intense, especially the part where she talks about The Watchers, the people that would pay to just watch her with clients. Needless to say, she was very popular at the whore house.

Tate and his fortune teller lady pal follow the clown to his camp in the woods. It isn’t showed how long they followed Twisty, but it doesn’t really seem that far…like his camp is JUST off the dirt road…what the hell, clown? Get your shit together, man. It’s like he WANTS to get caught. A commercial, thank God.

We’re back and Elsa goes on about her job at the whore house. She explains how she would star in videos and in one such video (a snuff film) The Watchers from before CUT HER LEGS OFF WITH A CHAINSAW. Jesus, this season is dark. There’s a serious irony factor here because she became famous for her job at this whore house as being the most brutal whore and even more famous because of the snuff video and all she ever really wanted was fame. Not this type of fame though.

Cut to Dandy and Twisty putting on a show for Tate and the kids they kidnapped- shit could quite possibly get even more crazy. Looks like Dandy is going to saw someone in half! That someone just happens to be the girl that escaped earlier on in the episode…sucks for her, run faster next time, girl. Tate saves the day and juussssst before Twisty is about to stab him to death, Mordrake shows up and is THIS the freak he’s taking back to Hell with him? Tate? Or possibly Twisty? Or the fortune teller girl? Ugh

Dandy chases after the escape kids but fucks it up (weird, right?) and it seems like they all get away. Mordrake asks Twisty about HIS story and he tells a pretty heartbreaking tale about why he hates freaks. He seems like a real “simpleton”, what the mean midgets at his old freak show call him, and that really explains a lot about his character so far, except for the whole murdering thing. He left the freak show and was effectively blackballed for life- he heads home but his mother has since passed away- he tries his hand at making toys but the guy at the toy store (the same that he killed earlier on in the series) isn’t having his shit, going so far as to accusing him of being a pedophile, just like those mean midgets did! Cut to a damn scene of him sucking on a shotgun and blowing his damn jaw off. He explains that he still loves kids and only kidnapped them and killed their families so he could make them happy.

Lots of scenes of him with his mask off this episode and it’s incredibly gross and creepy- the makeup effects are incredible.

Mordrake is moved by Twisty’s story. So much in fact that he murders him so he can join them down in Hell. You have to kind of fell bad for him here but he DID terrorize an entire town and kidnap a bunch of people. Dandy returns and puts on Twisty’s mask- he has a serious Heath Ledger/Joker look to him with the big scarred mouth. In the distance we he sirens and Dandy books it- Tate isn’t so lucky, he’s still in the short bus and it’s implied that he won’t be able to escape in time and will have to confront the cops. That might work in his favor though, since he rescued the kids and all. Plus, Twisty is dead and Tate will look like a big hero that saved the town.

Back from commercial and it looks like I called that shit- cops are interviewing Tate and the fortune teller and they think he’s a damn here. Tate’s still pissed about Meep though and tells the cop such (Tate’s so sassy this season!). Elsa finds out about the freak that Mordrake took and seems…disappointed? That’s how I took this scene, at least. The townsfolk show up and they love Dickhands, they give him brownies and shit and IS THIS the moment where he’s finally accepted by normal society!

Our boy O’Hare shows up to the circus claiming to be from Hollywood (an agent, maybe?) and Elsa loses her shit. He’s gonna butter her up and and she’s going to give him whatever he wants (until she and the freaks get wise to him and fucking murder his ass). Dandy, now wearing Twisty’s mask, FINALLY kills his maid. All he needed was the mask to push him to that edge it looks like- while we lost one killer clown in Twisty, we gained another in Dandy who caught his stride.

And that’s it for this week, y’all. Twisty is dead so that story line is put to rest- I admit I’m sad to see him go after his past was revealed, but Dandy looks to have taken his place. Another thing that kind of confused me is that the townspeople and cops must have forgotten that a cop died at the freak show. Everyone seems like that whole thing has been put to bed…for now. It has to come back up at some point- either that or they think that Meep really did kill the cop and it’s an “eye for an eye” type situation and it’s over with. I don’t know. Dumb.

See ya next week!

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