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WSP Episode XVIII: Monster Squad

Happy Halloween! WSP is back for another one of our SPOOOOOKY episodes. This time around,Mike and I sit down and watch Monster Squad, a film from way back in 1987 and not at all affiliated with the Ryan Gosling movie … Continue reading

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WarpSpeed Quickies – The Borderlands Within

posted by @HeyItsKamo Hi! It’s been awhile…sorry. We’ve been busy playing video games and also liquor, but we’re back and we’ve got something new for you! We’ve been tossing around the idea of a series of shorter episodes of WSP, just … Continue reading

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American Horror Story S4E4

posted by @heyitskamo It’s Halloween part two and shit is still fucky at the Freak Show, y’all. I’m going to do a shortened down version of my “Morning After American Horror Story” post, because I don’t know about you guys, … Continue reading

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American Horror Story: S4E3

posted by @HeyItsKamo What up, Freaks? What do you think of this season so far? Good? Awful? It’s a bit too early for me to decide, which is usually how it goes for AHS. Season 1 was great but then kind … Continue reading

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American Horror Story S4E2

posted by @heyitskamo Week one is over. Jessica Lange and the AHS crew have returned, but in this installment there’s no haunted house, spooky asylum, or coven of witches. This run we’re at a freak show, baby. We got a two-headed lady, … Continue reading

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American Horror Story S4E1

posted by @HeyItsKamo American Horror Story is back! This may be exciting to some of you, but others….maybe not so much. The show isn’t really hit-or-miss for me, I genuinely like it, but I am awful with watching TV shows as … Continue reading

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