WSP Episode XVII: I Am Podcast?

posted by @HeyItsKamo

We might be A-Holes, but we’re not 100% a Dick.

Join us on WSP this week as we discuss *the best damn movie of the summer (We didn’t see it yet, but Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles did not get good reviews…), Guardians of the Galaxy.

Like everyone else in the country, Mike and I went to see the new Marvel flick this weekend, their take on the classic (and also fairly recent reboot) GOTG comic book series, and HOLY SHIIIIITTTTTT! You see Chris Pratt with them rocket boots and those abs? You see that big-ass talking tree, or that raccoon that shoots the big guns all fast? Mother f*cking THANOS? Daayyuum, that shit was crazy, my dude.

From the movie to the comics, Mike and I talk about our favorite parts of this soon to be classic. A sequel to GOTG has already been announced, so give this podcast a listen and get pumped up for the next film.

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