WSP Episode XV: Who Let the Watch_Dogs Out?!

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The day has finally arrived- Watch_Dogs is here! Mike and I jump right into the Matrix and begin hacking so many dogs. Like, SO many. Top Dog Sim to date in my book. Pug, WSP Watch_Dogs/Mario Kart 8golden lab, the Taco Bell dog….

Who am I kidding, there are no dogs in this game. They tricked us!

Either way, we drive right into one of the most anticipated and hyped games of the next-gen consoles, and what we find might surprise you.

All that hacking in Chicago left us a bit tired and high-strung, and what better way to relax from a 20 hour hack-session with Neo and the boys than by playing a nice calm round of Mario Kart 8. I mean, how hard can 150cc really be?

…oh how naive we were.

Join us while we play two new great games, and go off on one of our pantented tangents full of nonsense while we reminisce about Call of Duty: World at War!

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1 Response to WSP Episode XV: Who Let the Watch_Dogs Out?!

  1. I LITERALLY got a Wii U the same day you guys did this podcast!!
    And I was clearly farther in Watch Dogs than you guys and totally could have done this podcast with you! hahah Let me know what the next one is and I’ll totally be there.

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