WSP Episode II – Hold On To Your Butts

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Thanks to everyone who gave the first episode of Warp Speed Podcast “All About GTA” a listen- we appreciate the response and feedback that we’ve gotten so far. Episode II is here, and boy is it…different. Warp Speed

Mike presented the idea that we watch a movie, in this case Jurassic Park, and just record ourselves talking about what we’re watching. Alex joined us for this recording, and it turned out pretty funny, so if this is a popular episode expect to see something like this again in the future. It’s definitely recommended to watch the film along with this podcast, because unless you’ve watch JP recently, you might be a bit lost….but just a bit.

Also, thanks to Kate for making out great Warp Speed Podcast logo (featuring Popsicle Baby the cat)!

Hang tight everyone, we are working on getting the Podcast up on iTunes- in the meantime, you can listen to the episode below:

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