Angry Birds: Star Wars

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If you haven’t heard of (or played) Angry Birds yet, I’d like to welcome you from your home planet of Thorgen IV to Earth. This iteration of Birds brings one of the world’s best known properties into the mix, Star Wars! This mash-up is a match made in monetary heaven; Rovio, who is already wiping their brows with Franklins, is going to need to build an addition on their swimming pool filled with money (or gold coins, depending on how many McDucks work for the company). Proof of this: I saw kids wearing Angry Birds Star Wars t-shirts weeks before the game was actually released, which had me searching on the app store to see if this game was released without me knowing it. They really tapped into a goldmine with this one.

The basic gameplay mechanics of “pull back and let your bird fly” is still present. This time around, instead of our bird breaking into 3 smaller projectile birds, speed boosting, or exploding, we’re now given tweaked/updated versions of the familiar power-ups, only now with a Star Wars theme- power-ups include lightsabers, blasters, and the ability to force push. Is it essentially the same thing we’ve played countless times before? Yes. Is this game still crazy addicting? Yes! It is absolutely worth spending the 99 cents to purchase this app. Those with any of the other versions of Angry Birds know how much of a deal this is since Rovio is constantly updating and adding more levels to games, especially their previous fan-favorite, Angry Birds Seasons.

Angry Birds Star Wars also does a great job of blending the ground levels and space levels that have been seen throughout their other games. Players are treated to new sound effects based on the Star Wars saga, and we get a chance see the birds and pigs dressed up as some of our favorite characters. The birds don the attire of Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi, Han Solo, Chewbacca, etc. The pigs take the role of the various enemies from the Star Wars universe: Stormtroopers, Sand People, and TIE fighters, among others.

The long and short of it, should you buy this? For sure. It comes highly recommended from this fan of both Star Wars and Angry Birds. In the words of Darth Vader, “The Force is strong with this one.”

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