A Spooky (Adventure) Time!

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I spent most of my Sunday in bed, eating greasy food and attempting to recover from one h*ck of a hangover from the night before. With not much else to do but chug water and watch some television (shout out to the random Stephen King biography I managed to watch), I was able to catch a few episodes of one of my favorite shows, Adventure Time! Fittingly enough, the two episodes I caught were the Halloween specials, The Creeps and From Bad To Worse and each work perfectly in our seemingly endless barrage of zombie articles during Radtober.

The Creeps was pretty great -Finn, Jake, and the gang are invited to a haunted house, Clue style, and all sorts of wacky stuff unfolds- but I really want to talk about the second episode, which is basically, FINN AND JAKE VS ZOMBIES!

One of my favorite parts of Adventure Time! as a series is that the writers get straight to the point in terms of story- this episode is no different. After the beginning credits, the ‘sode opens with Jake the Dog, Finn the Human, Lumpy Space Princess, and Lady Rainicorn running for their lives from an undead horde. The citizens of the Candy Kingdom have turned into horrible flesh eating Candy Zombies!

So the gang outruns the horde and manage to barricade themselves in Princess Bubblegum’s castle. Everyone is genuinely freaked out by the strange events, when out of fucking nowhere, PB chimes in and says that she accidentally released the zombie virus/infection to the Land of Ooo. We’re then treated to a flashback of PB in her lab, experimenting with some candy zombie tissue samples. In walks Cinnamon Bun (that stupid fucker), complaining to PB that he’s hungry. Instead of helping him out, PB treats Cinnamon Bun like the adult that he is and basically tells him to fuck off, she’s got science stuff to do. So Cinnamon Bun does the only logical thing: he eats the damn zombie skin.

The flashback ends with Princess Bubblegum narrowly escaping a now zombified Cinnamon Bun and we’re left with the assumption that he escaped the lab and then infected the entire Candy Kingdom. As crazy as all this sounds, PB assures the gang that she can reverse the effects- she knows the formula for the antidote! To buy some time from the zombies trying to break in to the castle, PB suggests they board up the windows… but it’s too late! The princess gets bitten and pulled outside with the rest of the walkers while LSP frantically boards up the window. Just before she turns, she tells Finn, “Just let Science do the work” which the group takes as “let’s make our own version of the antidote and see what the fuck happens.”

Once everyone cooks up their own version of the formula, there’s nothing left to do but test it out. Finn goes first, and he must have done something wrong because instead of the zombies turning human (candy person?) again, they all grow wings. So now we’ve got flying zombies… perfect. LSP pours her formula (“it’s going to work because it’s the prettiest formula”) on the horde, but all it does is give the flesh eaters luscious red lips; not able to pass up an opportunity for beautiful lips, LSP runs outside to drink the rest of the potion. The zombies descend on her, ignoring her cries of, “I know you want this body, but you can’t have it!”

Jake and Lady use their formula next, but all it does is give the zombies comically huge muscles. So, let’s recap here: Finn gave the zombies the power to fly, LSP gave them huge lips, and Jake gave them gigantic muscles. The zombies bust through the castle and the remaining members of the group retreat to the lab to figure out their next course of action. Once in the lab, Ms. Candy Cane sneaks out of a locker and tries to attack Lady, but ends up biting Jake instead. Jake slams the walker into a locker, but the damage is done- he notices that his bite is quickly turning him into one of the undead. Lucky for Jake (and Finn and Lady, for that matter), he’s a magical dog with stretchy powers, so he stretches his arm and fucking books it around the room, trying to out-run the virus and buy some time before it can spread to the rest of him; after a few laps of the room, he locks himself in PB’s medical shower and leaves it up to Finn to find the right formula to change his best bud back to normal.

Finn, warning Lady to leave Jake in the shower since he’s now a flipping zombie, continues to try and mix the correct formula, but gets interrupted when Lady gets bit by Jake because she let him out of the fucking shower. So at this point, the only person left uninfected is Finn and PB’s candy corn lab rat, so Finn grabs the rat cage and locks himself in the medical shower, just as the rest of the undead horde break in to the room. It looks like all hope might be lost for the Land of Ooo- in Finn’s rush to get to the shower, he left PB’s formula book outside!

Well, as it would turn out, Princess Bubblegum’s lab rat (conveniently named Science) knows the formula to cure everyone- Finn remembers the last thing PB said to him –let Science do the work– and lets the rat out to do his thing. Once the antidote is set, Finn gives a few drops to Jake and it works! Unfortunately for Jake, he’s still outside with the zombies so he gets turned almost immediately. This is when our boy Finn comes up with a gross, but surprisingly brilliant plan: he covers himself with the formula and runs out in to the zombie horde. The only way he can save everyone is by letting them bite him and get the formula in to their system that way.

After the Royal Day of Apologizing is done, PB gives a medal to Science and everybody parties down in typical Adventure Time! fashion. I love this episode because it’s the AT take on a classic zombie story, while still being super silly (haha, God damn LSP is just the best character) like it always is.

My only disappointment with this episode… NO ZOMBIE BMO?! Come on, such a missed opportunity! I can’t say enough good things about this show- what the math are you doing if you haven’t seen this episode yet!?

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