Dredd vs Zombies

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I don’t know how many times I need to say this, but I love Judge Dredd. He’s a bad-ass lawman from the future that kills criminals for a living. He’s got crazy guns and gets to ride around on a big ol’ motorcycle. Everyone is scared to death of him; what’s not to love about this character?

So needless to say it was some surprise when I found out (thanks Steve!) that there’s a game, for your damn PHONE, called Judge Dredd vs Zombies that pits Dredd against the living dead. If I could kickflip, I would have kickflipped right through a fucking window- that’s how excited I was to find out that this game exists. If I knew where they lived, I’d send each and every one of the guys at Rebellion a case of beer for developing this game. You saints deserve more than that, but it’s all I can afford right now.

So after I downloaded the app and went to start it up, I was treated to the trailer of the new Dredd 3D movie. Normally, this probably would have pissed me off, but have you seen this trailer? I must have watched it 20 times and now it’s on my phone and all I have to do is play a game in order to watch it? Thank you, so so much.

I’m not sure what I was hoping for, but this game went far beyond my expectations. The graphics, sound quality, game modes, weapons, voice acting… it’s all so good. Honestly, I’d be hard pressed to come up with a better game in this genre. Fun game modes ensure hours of play and serious replay value. Arena mode, story mode, and another called Psi Division that I havent really gotten in to yet because…


Lot’s of ’em and story mode will teach you all you need to know about how to do that shit. There are a a few story lines to choose from- I haven’t put too much time in to this segment of the game yet, so I’ve just been goofing around with the first one. The back-story of the Sector House 188 mission is: “the undead have forced the judges of 188 out of their sector house- Dredd’s here to take it back.” That’s a fancy way of saying: “you’re Judge Dredd, go fuck up all the zombies.”

In the story mode, just like in the arena mode, you get to choose which gun you want to use (pistol, rifle, shotgun, and god damn bazooka) and any special equipment you want to help you kick some flesh eating ass. Backup ammo, body armor, enhanced stamina, instant reload, sprint- all are options that can help you along the way. Each item costs credits, which you earn after you complete a level, so I haven’t really gone much in to them except for the body armor.

The rest is pretty much up to you. You run and evade with the left button and fire with the right as you blast through hallway after hallway and room after room full of murderous zombies. Arena is the most enjoyable and, of course, the most difficult. You face never ending waves of zombies as you travel room to room, picking up ammo and health every chance you get.

I’m not sure if the people behind Dredd vs Zombies made any other games (it would literally take 5 seconds to look this up, but for the sake of this article… ugh, I’m just too lazy, sorry), but if they did I’m sure they’re fucking great and I won’t think twice if I run across another one of theirs in the future.

Now get out there and download this game, civilian- don’t make me tell you twice.

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  1. stevehatesu says:

    Can I get all of the beer you were planning on giving the guys at Rebellion since I told you about this gem?

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