House On Haunted Hill

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So far in our Rad-tober line of posts, we’ve talked about a few movies that you had to have seen at some point in your life. Now, let’s start dipping into the black and white obscure/random/crazy titles. Today we’re going to discuss The House On Haunted Hill. NO! Not that 1999 bullshit remake- I’m talking about the 1959 classic starring Vincent Price.

Alright, this movie starts off with floating heads essentially talking about what the film -you know, the one you are about to watch- is about. Vincent Price appears to us as Frederick Loren, informing us that he is throwing a party for his wife, Annabelle… and it’s a haunted house party. Five guests arrive, each in separate hearses, and make their way into the house on haunted hill. They all realize that they are complete strangers and try to figure out why they were all brought here. Frederick Loren is fully aware of why the five guests decided to come to the house- they all desperately need money. Frederick is offering each guest $10,000 (100 billion dollars in 1959 money) to spend the night in this house, provided that they have to stay the entire night once the doors are locked.

Right from the first conversation we see between Frederick and Annabelle, the story establishes that they have a very tense relationship. Frederick goes as far as even making sarcastic jokes about how Annabelle tried to kill him with an “arsenic on the rocks” cocktail. One could assume that Frederick has never forgiven Annabelle. I mean, who would!? If your significant other tried to kill you and you survived, would everything be hunky dory? Would you just go on with your everyday lives? Would you be perfectly civil with one another? Would you still go on 3-day weekend staycations to local wine trails in the area? FUCK NO!

From here on out, this film is filled with scare tactics that could only effect an audience of the late 50’s. Did any part of this movie actually scare me? No. Is it a fascinating look at a prime example of horror films of the black and white era? Absolutely! Most people will shrug this film off and probably never watch it or, most likely, choose the ’99 gore fest instead. The main reason that I would suggest this movie is for one reason and one reason only- or should I say because of one man: Vincent Price. This man is a classic horror juggernaut. He has starred in so many classics that are all worth watching, solely based on the fact that he stars in them; he always has some snide look on this face, as if to tell you that he knows something that you don’t.

So, please check this classic out if you are a fan of old black and white horror. Or if you just want to try something out of your element. Once again, Vincent Price is the man!

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