Killer Klowns From Outer Space

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To kick-off our October series of all things horror, we’re going to start on the right foot with a real classic from the B-movie genre…

The world is sorely missing something: make-out points. Do they even still exist!? Were they even romantic? Was there something special and exciting about knowing that your buddy, who is one car over, is getting his weiner tugged on by that cute girl from Biology?

Anyway, this is how one of the greatest B-movies ever, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, starts off. Mike and Debbie are spending their night at the local make-out point known as “The Top of the World”. After they’re done slapping their tongues together in the back of Mike’s car (all while lying in an inflatable raft – I am not making this up), they see a shooting star fall very close to where they are currently dry humping each other.

Killer Klowns

Naturally, they decide to go ahead and investigate it. Instead of finding a crater with a glowing hunk of space rock, they stumble upon a circus tent in the middle of the woods. They make their way in to the bizarre scene and discover some odd cotton candy cocoons. After countless times of Debbie stating that, “cotton candy isn’t stored liked this”, she makes another declaration that they are in a spaceship- this spaceship just so happens to be the shooting star that they originally saw crash in the woods. Also, it brought a bunch of klowns to earth (yes, I will be spelling clown with a ‘K’ for this entire article), a murderous race of space alien.

From here on out, this movie is just pure hilarity. The klowns make their way into town and just cause all sorts of havoc. From messing up the local drugstore, putting on a puppet show in the town park, or taking time to visit the local motorcycle bar, everything these klowns do is not only hazardous to the locals, but really really funny. In the odd chance that you have never seen this film, or heard about it, watch it now! Go in to this one with the mindset of just having a good time.

Personally, I think this movie is best enjoyed with more people. Gather as many friends together next Friday night, pop in this gem in, drink a lot and just soak in the greatness that is Killer Klowns From Outer Space.

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